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Pacific Yew Enzyme Agmicus
Pacific Yew Enzymes Plus - Bear Bile + Pacific Yew

Pacific Yew Enzymes Plus is a newly developed biotech supplement
Bear Bile from Russia
Bear Bile's functions: liver detoxification, dissolve bold; having clearly beneficial for hepatitis B, fatty liver, and swelling large;
Pacific yew from US
Pacific yew's functions: Suppressing tumour, detoxification, reducing virus, improving kidney.
Combing these two to be a better formula. It is a new gospel for bile and liver.(Not for pregnancy)

Directions of Use
Shake well before use
For body maintenance: 1 ml per day. Each time 10 -15 drops mix with water.
For heavy use: 2 ml per day.

Other uses for Pacific Yew- VitaBio Pacific Yew

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