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Pacific Yew Enzyme Agmicus
Pacific Yew Bulletin
This Bulletin is dedicated to Pacific Yew, enzymes research, and life science research for health and longevity. It lists health tips for references and info collection. This Bulletin is for information posting only.

Collection of Pacific Yew & other Taxus Trees Information

Pacific Yew Background
The historical findings by American Cancer Institute made the Pacific Yew as the primary resource for anti-cancer agents.

Taxus Trees Distributions
There are 7 major species about Taxus Yew trees, and hundreds of cultivars around the world.

Taxus Toxicity
Pacific Yew is almost absent of toxicity, and European Yew and Japanese Yew shows high toxicity in the tips and bark portion.

Ecological Nightmare Yunnan Taxus
The uncontrolled collection of the Taxus barks in Yunnan became an ecological nightmare.

Collection of Pacific Yew historical information in botanical and herbal uses

Pacific Yew Historical Uses
Pacific Yew historically used as botanicals in the United States.

Pacific Yew Herbal Remedy
Pacific Yew has a long history to be used as a herbal remedy.

Taxol Development Background
The historical background through Taxol development

Pacitaxel General Information
General information about how Pacitaxel is used in the hospital.

Collection of Pacific Yew Enzymes Information

Pacific Yew Enzymes Introduction
General Introduction about the concept of Pacific Yew Enzyme and its potential benefits.

Major Benefits of Pacific Yew Enzymes
This product is for middle and old age person to rejuvenate his/her body strength.

Longevity Theory
Our concept is to used The Enzymes approach to increase the normal life-span and delay aging.

Longevity Theory-01
Longevity Theory-02
Longevity Theory-03

Taxus tip 1 Taxus tip 3 Taxus tip 2 Taxol

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