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Taxus Herbal Remedy

Applying Taxus as a herbal remedy was documented in several Chinese herbal-medicine textbooks and dictionaries. Taxus was applied to treat cholera, typhus, and to release poison from body.

Taxus contains taxol, taxane, and other similar taxane derivatives.
The taxane shows anti-properties in Leukemia and tumors.

The taxus leaves (tip) and branches are used in smoothing Menstruation, releasing urine, inhibiting diabetes, and curing heart disease.

Additionally shown in Chinese Medicine Kidney textbook as:
1. release urine and reduce swells, curing kidney, inhibiting diabetes, reducing kidney edema, and curing gonorrhea.
2. For female during Menstruation period, it can smooth MP, reduce pain, and regulate blooding.

Taxus tip 1 Taxus tip 3 Taxus tip 2 Taxol

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