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Pacific Yew Enzymes Major Benefits

Major benefits of VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes

Cancer Prevention
Pacitaxel medicine, originally extracted from Pacific Yew, is used to combat a wide spectrum of cancers. Therefore, Pacific Yew Enzymes contain similar natural compounds in cancer prevention.

Detoxify Body
Pacific Yew enzymes help your body removing waste accumulated in the past. The waste materials could be proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and some heavy metals. Eventually Pacific Yew can help you achieving weight reduction.

Increase Blood Oxygen
After detoxification, your blood becomes cleaner and can dissolve more oxygen in your circulation. Additionally Pacific Yew enzymes can help your body absorbing more calcium and let your body generate more red blood cells.

Improve Liver Fat Process
Pacific Yew enzymes can disintegrate or partially disintegrate fat and lipids in your blood circulation. This can reduce the workload for liver, and let liver have an opportunity to rebuild its cells and to perform better in the fat processing.

Pacific Yew enzymes show strong anti-viral property.

Improve Immune System
Pacific Yew enzymes provide various types of enzymes and they become the building blocks to make antibody by blood cells in the body, and help your body having a better immune system.

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