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Pacific Yew Enzyme Introduction

What will be the properties from VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes?

Anti-cancer property
As we know the Pacific Yew contains organic Taxol, Taxane and other derivitive compounds. The current pharmaceutical industry utilizes pacitaxel (Taxol) to treat various types of cancer. Cancer cells basically are tumors. Cancer cells grow with mutating. The original raw Yew materials also show this type of anti-cancer properties. This has been documented by Native American to take the Pacific Yew tips as the traditional and spiritual ways for self-healing.

Anti-aging property
This includes the following: regulate blood clotting, increase blood oxygen, improve Calcium transfer to bone, improve liver fat process, suppress stress causing hormones and detoxify body.
Pacific Yew has a very long life span. Over one thousand year old will be common for this type of yew tree if there is no external destruction. So the tree can maintain its functions in an extended period of time. As the current scientific progress, we know the enzymes inside the tree playing a key role to maintain the health of the tree. Enzyme contains chelated minerals, or more specifically, a complex protein produced by cells, that promotes a specific biochemical reaction by acting as a catalyst. Pacific Yew contains lots of various type of enzymes. The enzyme works as an individual catalyst or the combination of enzymes works to regulate certain types of body functions, can maintain the body healthy.

Anti-viral property
By definition, virus is a minute particle that lives as a parasite in plants, animals, and bacteria and consists of a nucleic acid with a protein sheath. Virus can only replicate within living cells and are not considered to be independent living organisms. Since the Pacific Yew Enzyme works as a catalyst to clean up the body, those virus are treated as waste products in the body, so taxus enzyme will break up virus and show up the anti-viral property.

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