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Taxus Distribution

There are 7 major species about Taxus Yew trees, and many cultivars around the world. The major species and geographic regions are:

Pacific Yew North West Region of North America
Canadian Yew North East Region of North America
Florida Yew South West Region of North America
Mexico Yew Central America
European Yew Europe, North Africa, West Asia
Japanese Yew Japan, Korea, NE of China, Russia
Himalayan Yew SW of China, India, Myanmar

Yew (Taxus) trees show separated characters for male and female. Through natural and human planting intervention, lots of sub-species are generated. For example:

NE Chinese Yew is the combination of European Yew and Japanese Yew.
Chinese Yunan Yew is the combination of European Yew and Himalayan Yew.

Other Yew (Taxus) species such as South Chinese Yew, Taiwan Yew, Korean Yew, Myanmar Yew, etc., can trace their respective origins to the combinations of European Yew, Japanese Yew, Himalayan Yew, and other cultivars.

Taxus tip 1 Taxus tip 3 Taxus tip 2 Taxol

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