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Longevity Theory - Part III
Enzymes Approach -Continued

The methodology of Enzymes Approach can address the issues of seven major causes in aging.

Cause One - Cell Loss
=> Our liver, kidneys and other organs keep a fair number of cells in reserve; still over time, cell loss may impair their functioning.
Approach: Introduce enzymes through blood stream into organs. Enzymes can reduce work load in liver, kidneys and other organs, so reduce the cell loss in reserve.

Cause Two - Cell Senescence
=> Cells that have stopped dividing often loiter instead of dying, and may induce neighbors to become cancer cells.
Approach: Introduce a group of enzymes to cooperate with white blood cell to reduce the loitered cells.

Cause Three - Lysosomal Junk
=> Over time, lysosome in cell can get saddled with undegraded material.
Approach: Introduce Enzyme nucleic acid into cell and let lysosome (mark 1 in Figure 3) to use it as an extra tool to digest and degrade the waste (mark 2 in Figure 3). The waste is broke up into small segments and are flushed out the cell (mark 3 in Figure 3).

Cause Four - Extracellular Junk
=> Waste also builds up in the spaces between cells. Dead immune-system cells and cholesterol plaque that accumulate inside arteries may cause athero-sclerosis.
Introduce enzymes into blood stream to clean up the waste and dead immune-system cells.

Cause Five - Sugar-Protein Molecular Bonds
=> Glucose and other sugar molecules bond with protein molecules, creating rigid layers of tissue and can lead to high blood pressure.
Approach: Introduce enzymes into blood stream to soften tissue and remove the layers build-up inside arteries.

Cause Six - Mitochondrial DNA Mutations
Mitochondrial DNA becomes "Free radicals". The unstable molecules created when glucose is broken down to make energy, may alter DNA, causing potentially harmful mutations.
Introduce enzymes to inhibit Mitochondrial DNA going through mutations.

Cause Seven - Nuclear DNA Mutations
=> Mutations of the DNA in the cell nucleus contribute to cancer.
Introduce enzymes with anti-cancer property to inhibit cancer cells going to division.

Fig 1-Healthy Cell Fig 2-Aging Cell Fig 3-Rejuvenated Cell

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