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Longevity Theory - Part II
Enzymes Approach

Our basic approach is to use enzymes to delay the body aging. The concept of Enzyme Approach:

In healthy cells, lysosomes (mark 1 in the Figure 1) act as constant vacuum cleaners, picking up old or damaged proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. The lysosome sucks in and engulfs these wasted molecules (mark 2 in Figure 1)arguably, then uses enzymes inside the lysosome to break them into their chemical components (mark 3 in the Figure 1). The waste products are flushed into the bloodstream for removal (mark 4 in Figure 1).

Sometimes proteins, nucleic acids and lipids get chemically modified and become indigestible to the degradation enzymes in the lysosome. Lysosomes will bag down with partially undigested bits (mark 1 in the Figure 2) and can no longer effectively get rid of the cell of waste (mark 2 in the Figure 2). The waste material accumulated inside the cell and eventually will cause the cell to be worn out.

Our proposal is to introduce Enzyme nucleic acid into cell and let lysosome (mark 1 in Figure 3) to use it as an extra tool to digest and degrade the waste (mark 2 in Figure 3). The waste is broke up into small segments and segments are flushed out of the cell (mark 3 in Figure 3).

The above approach can reduce workload for lysosome, and to rejuvenate cell into a healthy status. So when cell grows and divides to produce new cells, they will follow their original designated course without mutation.

The Enzyme nucleic acid is the core part of the enzyme. It consists of mineral binding with organic compound. It is not necessarily to use one single type enzyme, it may belong to a group of enzymes, or the combination of several enzymes. The organic compound is used to hold the waste material and the mineral provides the biochemical electronic charge as the catalyst function to break up the waste into small bits, which are small enough to blow through the cell outer membrane.

If we are able to clean each individual cell, then the aging problem can be delayed or hopefully delayed indefinitely. Without waste compounds accumulated inside the cell, the cell will not be worn out and will not show the sign of aging.

Fig 1-Healthy Cell Fig 2-Aging Cell Fig 3-Rejuvenated Cell

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