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Pacific Yew Enzyme Agmicus
VitaBio Spirit - Pacific Yew Enzymes

This is the new generation of herbal remedy and supplemental food product. The raw material is selected from the finest grade of Pacific Yew (Taxus) tip. Through careful extraction, the product contains the most precious ingredients that were preserved in the nature.

With proprietary treatment and formulation, the product shows distincted nutrition and unforgettable characters in taste. Take 1 ml of Pacific Yew Enzymes with water daily, you will feel the spirit force in your body and explore your body potential.

Pacific Yew tree belongs to Taxus family. Taxus is one of the oldest trees in the world. It has existed and populated starting 2.5 million years ago. Lots of precious nutrients and ingredients are hidden in the Pacific Yew tree.

VitaBio Spirit - Pacific Yew Enzyme, is:
- A herbal remedy and dietary supplemental product
- A Pacific Yew concentrate with enzymes
- A multi-function nutritional product
- An all-natural organic product

Directions of Use

Background Introduction
The major efforts to develop this enzymatic VitaBio Spirit product.

Nutritional Analysis
The product contains vital ingredients in the colloidal from easily absorbed by the body.

Potential Benefits


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