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Pacific Yew Enzyme Agmicus

Q: What is VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes?
A: It is a product of Pacific Yew tips extract plus enzymes.

Q: Is vitaBio Spirit considered as a medicine/drug?
A: It is not a medicine. But historical documents show Native American use Pacific Yew tips as a healing practice.

Q: How long do I need to take the Pacific Yew Enzymes to feel the difference?
A: In general, take 1 ml per day consistently for one week. You will feel better about your body circulation. If you have high stress or heavy load in your life style, take 2 ml per day. One 1 ml in the morning and 1 ml in the late afternoon, you will feel relaxed and more productive.

Q: Since it is the extract from Yew, how to address the toxicity problem associated with Taxus?
A: The Pacific Yew tips does not contain levels of certain compounds called Taxines (alkaloids), that make other species of yew toxic, and the Pacific Yew has been used for centuries by Native Americans and eaten by animals without any harm.

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