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Potential Benefits

VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes, is a dietary supplement contained natural chelated minerals and other beneficial ingredients. It is a natural biotech product derived from Pacific Yew tips. It contains various vital ingredients in the colloidal form easily absorbed by the body.

VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes, contains taxanes ingredients derived from the Pacific Yew tips. Taxanes are the raw materials to make Taxol which has been well studied in the past thirty years in various research and scientific institutes. Taxol originally is used in the treatment of cancer for stabilizing microtubules in cells and preventing chromosome movement so that cells cannot divide.

Although Taxol is currently used extensively by the pharmaceutical industry, the raw taxanes materials were also found to exert anti-cancer properties that were historically observed by Native American. Pacific Yew contains taxanes (diterpenes) in a form such as baccatin, brevitaxin, and brevifoliol.

VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes, the organic biotech food product, shows distinguished potential benefits to the body due to its enzyme combinations, and taxane ingredients. For its enzyme portions, the potential benefits are as follows

Regulates Blood Clotting Increases Blood Oxygen
Improves Calcium Transfer to Bone Improves Liver Fat Processing
Suppresses Stress Causing Hormones Bolsters Immune System
Detoxifies Body Helps Cell Division without Mutating
Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Viral

Taxane ingredients are the raw materials in making Taxol. Current on-going research by various scientific institutes have discovered its effectiveness in the area as follows.
Lung Breast
Vagina Prostate
Esophagus Head and neck
Cervix Endometrium
Kaposi's sarcoma AID related cancers

The product has been shown non-scientific claims to improve health, and historical documentation does exit stating that Native American used to treat internal and external ailments, illnesses and injuries.

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