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Background Introduction

In the early 1970, Taxol material was found in the bark of Pacific Yew. Numerous researches and studies have been done in order to understand the benefits of Taxol in its cancer-curing properties. Taxol is Bristol-Myers Squibb's registered trademark for paclitaxel. Paclitaxel is commonly referred to as 'Taxol' in the press and conversation; the term will be used here.

After the benefits of Taxol was originally approved for use as a treatment for refractory ovarian cancer, the issue of large quantity supply was brought up due to taxus trees are slow growing in nature and the shortage of yew bark material limits the usage quantity. The current practice in pharmaceutical industry is to use semi-synthetic methodology to produce Taxol. This methodology is to extract and purify Taxane (10-deacetylbacctin III) contents in the tips, then goes through a complicated chemical process to produce Taxol. Today, Taxol has been applied to treat various kinds of cancer such as lung, breast, vagina, prostate, esophagus, head and neck, cervix, and endometrium, Kaposi's sarcoma, AID related cancers and other cancers.

Pacific Yew appeared to be the most ideal ornamental yew that could provide a renewable source of Taxol due to its high availability of Taxane contents in the tips. By cutting the yew tips without damaging tree trunk can save lots of valuable Pacific Yew and Taxus in the nature.

Some native American peoples traditionally drank taxus tea or chewed the taxus yew needles for body healing and symbolic building of body strength. There are numerous non-scientific documents show the benefits of raw Pacific Yew tips materials. To frequently take the Pacific Yew tips as a nutritional food is one of the traditional practice by some native American peoples.

The fundamental concept of VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes is to extract most of the vital ingredients in the Pacific Yew tips, and to be a nutritional biotech food product with multi-functions. Based upon this goal, we developed a proprietary methodology to produce the VitaBio Spirit -Pacific Yew Enzymes.

Careful direct extraction, the product contains the most precious ingredients that were hidden in nature. With enzymatic extraction, the product further contains the vital enzyme ingredients. The benefits of taxane components and enzymes components, the new generation of biotech food product - VITABIO SPIRIT was created.

VITABIO SPIRIT -Pacific Yew Enzymes shows two major advantages. The product contains major Taxane ingredients from Pacific Yew and we know the benefits of this portion based upon native American taking Pacific Yew in their life style practice. Additionally, the product contains vital enzymes that we know the enzymatic materials can make the body digest system and body circulation better.

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