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Successful Stories

Spilled diesel fuel cleanup and soil remediation
  - Soil underground remediation after diesel spill

Oily sludge bioremediation project
  - Oily sludge from oil wells going through farming remediation

Lake treatment project, algae and sludge removal
  - Algae and sludge bioremediation from lake bottom

Rubber wastewater treatment project
  - Wastewater from rubber manufacturing industry

Reservoir sludge remediation project
  - Sludge at reservoir's bottom floating up

Agent Orange soil treatment demo project
  - Soil treatment for containing Agent Orange chemicals

Thermal pyrolysis project
  - Waste tire and rubber thermal pyrolysis into oil, gas, and carbon blacks.

Successful Stories

Diesel Fuel Remediation Project
Oily Sludge Bioremediation Project
Lake Treatment Project
Rubber Wastewater Treatment Project
Reservoir Sludge Remediation Project Agent Orange Soil Treatment Demo Project
Thermal Pyrolysis Project

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