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Oily Sludge Bioremediation Project
Oily sludge materials from oil wells drilling, tank bottom, and refinery operation contain high amount of oily residue. With ever higher Incineration cost, tigher environmental regulations in emission and leaching, limited land-fill space, oily sludge becomes more costly to do proper traditional treatment. The alternative is to perform bioremediation.

Oily sludge materials contain uncertain amount of aromatic chemicals and this increases the difficulty to do bioremediation. We supply the bio-stabilizer agent (right photo) that can make the aromatic chemicals in oily sludge becoming less hazardous for the introduced microorganisms. This opens the door to perform effective bioremediation. and it becomes easier to scale up for large field project.

Photos of oily sludge bioremediation from Indonesia (Exxon-Mobil oil drilling site)
vb_PPli_001 vb_PPli_002
vb_PPli_003 vb_PPli_006

More photos
vb_PPli_007 vb_PPli_009
vb_PPli_013 vb_PPli_014
vb_PPli_015 vb_PPli_016

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