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A new generation of industrial wastewater treatment process containing heavy metals

Industrial wastewater treatment catalog (pdf)

This paper introduces a wastewater treatment process from metal surface treatment, the waste contents include: oil, phosphorus, chromium, nickle, copper, zinc, iron, aluminum, and ammonia. The contents vary frequently due to workshop productions changed.

This industrial wastewater treatment process with heavy metals can be modified or adjusted for other types of industrial wastewater, such as metal cations treatment, electroplating, leather treatment, etc.


Oil Water Separation System

Material density differences in bubble flotation operation can be used to separate oil and water. If wastewater oil, particularly large polymer which is difficult to decompose, can utilize this oil water separation in the early stage to directly reduce the COD, and reduce the workload of subsequent treatments.


PH Adjustment System

Adjusting water chemical properties through PH adjustments and adding water treatment agents, agitation by mixing and flocculating, After that wastewater is ready to precipitate.


Inclined-Tubes Sedimentation

The principle of laminar flow is adopted to precipitate flocculation pollutants.


Flat-Plates Filtration System

Through pressure filtration, the flocculation sludge is separated from wastewater.


PH Re-Adjustment System

Add a small amount of water treatment agent, stir, mix, flocculate, and prepare for second-time precipitation.

ph_adj_01 ph_adj_02

Micro-nano Ozone Bubbles System

Advanced oxidation process is used to remove organic matter, and micro-nano ozone bubbles are used to decompose nitrite and organic matter in the water, and then residues are deposited in the pool.


Reverse Osmosis System

Water quality is purified so that the effluent can be discharged to meet the standard. Our company also has the filter activation technology, which can prolong the service life of the reverse osmosis filter.

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