VitaBio Agrikit means Beneficial Environmental and Agriculture Practices
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Office and Contact/Order Info
US head office is near San Francisco, California, USA.
VitaBio, Inc. (
969-G Edgewater Blvd #168
Foster City, CA 94404 USA

Primary Focus in Agricultre and Environmental
1. AgriKit technology and products
2. Micro-biological products and services
3. Wastewater and sludge treatment technologies
4. Ecological Farm and service

Our Mission Statement
To create a better and cleaner world by providing beneficial technologies and practices.
Agmicus means Beneficial Agriculture Practices.

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"This water contains parasites and fungi." "What can I do?" "AgriKit can help you managing water and soil" "AgriKit is a tool for farm water management. It works like magic"
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"Wow! The water becomes nice." "I'll be better with this AgriKit." "Why don't you tell me earlier?" "I should order more for special gift"

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