Thermal Remediation (Pyrolysis)
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Thermal Remediation (Pyrolysis) - Recovered Pyrolysis Oil from Tank Bottom

Test Item Result of Test

Method of Analysis


Cr+6 (mg/L) <0.01 TEPA-4617.0  
Hg (mg/L) <0.004 TEPA-4629.0  
As (mg/L) ND TEPA-4612.0  
Pb (mg/L) <0.2 TEPA-4621.0  
Cd (mg/L) ND TEPA-4614.0 MDL=0.01
Cr (mg/L) <0.05 TEPA-4616.0  
Cu (mg/L) <0.05 TEPA-4618.0  
Zn (mg/L) 0.22 TEPA-4623.0  
Water(%) (W/O TCLP) 6.2 TEPA-4215.0  
Oil(%) (W/O TCLP) 84.4 STD.Md.5520E  
PH 7.08 TEPA-4412.0  
Phenyls (mg/L) 0.13 NIEA W520.50A  

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