Thermal Remediation (Pyrolysis)
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Thermal Remediation (Pyrolysis) - Recovered Pyrolysis Oil from Rubber Chip

Kind of Test

Result of Test

Fuel Spec.

Method of Analysis
Gravity API at 60F

Min. 15.2


B.S. & W., Vol.%

Max. 0.1

0.5 ASTM K6577
Flash Point (PM), deg C

Min. 64

66 ASTM D93
Sulfur Content, wt% Max. 1.03 1.0 ASTM D129
Viscosity, cst, 50 deg C Max. 9.8 424 ASTM D445
Carbon Residue, wt% Max. 2.96 15 ASTM D5240
Pour Point, deg C Max. -42 15 ASTM D97

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