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Soil Thermal Remediation

This soil treatment system combines thermal, electric-chemical and biological processes.
It uses direct high temperature heating to vaporize and oxidize chemical pollutants from soil.
At exhaust, chemical pollutants are collected through bubble spray.
Collected wastewater is electrolyzed to degrade and condense pollutants.
Heated soil after cooling down, add microbes to degrade the remained pollutants.
After fermentation, put soil back to site.

Special features:
 - capable of heating 350 degrees C range to vaporize and partially oxidize chemical pollutants;
 - applying wood chips as fuel into furnerce, plus heat recovery arrangement, to save energy cost;
 - restoring soil biological balance by adding soil-born microbes into treated soil.

 - inorganic chemical polluted soil including nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfate, etc.
 - organic chemical polluted soil including organic contents, pesticides, petro-chemicals, etc.
 - soil polluted by soil waste and industrial soild waste
 - soil polluted by pathogens, municipal waste, and industrial wastewater.

Soil Thermal Remediation

soil treatment front
soil treatment rear

Soil Remediation
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