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Pig Sewage Treatment

This pig sewage treatment program utilizes soilless cultivation of water floating plant technology, and the combination of modern agronomy and ecological engineering practices. Through creative engineering of water treatment, pirwaste sewage can be converted into liquid fertilizer that is suitable for plant growing. Soilless planting technology can provide ecological structures for a variety of plants. Artifical flosating island and ecological floating bed are used for structure. through the roots in water to absorb a large number of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. Organic matters are absorbed and degraded. the excess amount of water is direct evaporated.

In the case of 3000 pig stocks, the daily sewage amount is 70 to 100 tons, and this tech scheme provides new generation of sewage process.


blue dashed Line Region
Main operation includes solid liquid separation and Biogas fermentation.

Micro Bubble Air Flotation

air_flotation air_flotation

Bio Oxydiation
Upper level water is used high pressure blower, and lower level water is used micro bubbles water.

Air_flotation Air_flotation

Ozone Treatment
Utilizing micro bubbles ozone disinfection to treat water, not only effective, but also no residuals. Reducing potential germs risk. The use of ozone disinfection can also break down antibiotics and hormones in sewage.

micro_ozone micro_ozone

Send Filtered
After ozone treatment, water flowing through sand filtration to deposit solid particles. additionally new bio products are planting. After that, water flows into planting area.

Expected COD
Expected COD Before Treatment After Treatment
Micro Flotation 17000-20000 9000-11000
Oxydiation 9000-11000 5000-7000
Ozone Treatment 5000-7000 3000-5000
Sand Filter 3000-5000 1000-2000

Floating Plants Cultivation
The liquid fertilizer in the sand filter area flows into floating plants area. The underearth of plants area is covered with plastic sheets to avoid leaking. Vegetables are cultivated on the surface of pond. Fishes and shrimps also are growing in the pond. If the total area is over 2.5 Hectares, and effluent water quantity is over 100 tons, the water level will rise about 4 cm, and this amount of water is planation and evaporation. Doing so can totally avoid discharging effluent into environment.

tilapia tilapia

Economic Benefits
Whole pig sewage treatment project can be recovered within 1 to 2 years.

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