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Masks Sterilized System

AEPSS (Accumulated Electric Potential Sterilized System) , is capable of sterilizing masks, clothes, and other medical tools.

Each load can hold up to 35,000 masks.
Each load requires up to 4 hours. 240 to 210 minutes to sterilize contents.
Daily capacility can handle up to 6 loads, that is about 210,000 masks.

Economic Benefits
Comparing with the traditional method, which is using "Ethylene Oxide" as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent. AEPSS has major advantages. Ethylene Oxide requires 14 days release-time after sterilizing due to Ethylene Oxide is a cancer-caausing material. In addition, AEPSE can furnish the sterilized requirements with less cost. The performance verse cost is about twice the benefits comparing with Ethlene Oxide sterilized method.

Other Advantages
1. Easy to install:
The equipment itself is portable, and can be installed easily.

2. Increased Capacity:
Daily maximum capacity is more than twice the capacity of the current Ethylene Oxide method. Reduces the risk of secondary contamination. Greatly shorten the time period for delivering orders to customers, reduce or alleviate the pressure of production liquidity.

3. Steady operation
Products have a very high reliability.

This AEPSE can help masks maintaining HIGH filtration efficiency with prolonged period.
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