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Oriental Vegetable Comparison

Nepeta vegetables need to be quick growing and good quality. Applying VitaBio organic fertilizer can help farmers achieving this goal.

Plant # Controlled Apply LOC Remark
1 20cm 27.5cm Plant height
2 22.5cm 26cm  
3 22cm 10cm  
4 17cm 29cm  
5 20cm 29.5cm  
6 21.5cm 11.5cm  
7 21cm 19cm  
8 16.5cm 26.5cm  
9 16.5cm 22cm  
10 19.5cm 21.5cm  
Average 19.65cm 26.65cm +15.62%
Total Weight 100grams 150gram +50%

Left side is controlled. Right side applies Vitabio Organic Fertilizer.

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