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VitaBio Organic Fertilizer

VITABIO products contain diverse beneficial microorganisms and organaic enzymes. VitaBio products have very broad spectrum of usages for different applications. All VitaBio products are environmentally safe to operate. VitaBio products are easy to apply and can show significant benefits to the users.

Advantages of Agriculture Application
Improve soil, well-known effective soil builder;
Increase crop growing and yields;
Reduce chemical fertilizer use;
Field-proven fertilizer supplement;
Reduce the impacts of pathogens.

Advantages of Aquaculture Application
Reduce waste and increase dissolved oxygen;
Speed up de-nitrification process and degrade ammonia;
Restore the biological balance in water as wellas in soil;
Provide pro-biotic microbes to improve aqua animal digest system.

Advantages of Livestocks Application
Reduce the odors in farm fields;
Inhibit pathogenic activities;
Improve animal feed efficiency and increase animal growing rates;
Convert animal manure into high quality fertilizer.

Advantages of Environmental Application
Cost effective wastewater treatment;
Bio-remediation for contaminated soil;
Bio treatment for reservoirs and lakes;

VitaBio Fertilizer


Water Treatment

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