Soil Improvement= VitaBio Organic Fertilizer+ Micronano Bubbles Generator With Electrolytic Ions
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VitaBio Organic Fertilizer+Micronano Bubbles Generator With Electrolytic Ions

Organic farming requires a variety of good fertilizers.
In addition to basic ingredients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, fertilizers need to be well composted into organic manner.
Achieving this, diversified soil microorganisms are needs during fermentation.

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Appling diversified micro-biological fertilizer can increase yields, rebuild soil, and support soil remediation treatment.
Intuitive comparisons of various crops:
Vege-Small Cabbage
Red Pepper

The followingsare areas show the use of VitaBio Organic Fertilizer

Advantages of Agriculture Application

Improved soil; generally recognized as a fertilizer synergist
Promote crop growth and yield
Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer used
Effective against invading pathogens

Advantages of Aquaculture Application

Improve soil at the bottom of pond, and inhibit pathogens
Add to the feed, can improve the aquatic digestion system

Advantages of Livestocks Application

Effectively reduce the odors of farm
Add to the feed, can improve the livestock digestion system
Converting animal manure into high quality organic fertilizer

Advantage of Environmental Applicaiton

contaminated soil treatment
Control river, reservoir and lake pollution

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