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Sweet Fruits Production

Strawberry Sweetness
Agrikit converts irrigation water ito small molecules of water, ionized particles, and copper ions.
In strawberry farming, it clearly shows the increase of starwberry sweetness.
The following is the sample test coordinated with agriculture science research in China.

Agrikit + Organic Farming => increasing sweetness
In greenhouse, copper is a fundamental element in protain that can actively increase photosynthesis.
Copper is involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
Copper deficiency plants reduce protein synthesis, and this reduces sugar content.
Small molecules of water and electrolyte ions promote root absorption, increase of nutrients in plants.

Normal irrigation and fertilizer
Compare A 11% 7.8% 7.8% 6.8% 6.8% Avg:8.04%
Compare B 7.3% 9.0% 8.3% 10% 8.0% Avg:8.52%
Compare C 9.3% 8.0% 9.8% 8.2% 7.7% Avg:8.6%
Applied 10.9% 12.9% 10.8% 10.0% 13.1% Avg:11.56%
Compare A: Local old varieties
Compare B: Local improved varieties
Compare C: Local newly improved varieties
Applied: Jiangxi Nanchang Lin-Sheng-Tang Strawberry in Greenhouse

Lin-Sheng-Tang Greenhouse
Agrikit Model 086 Agrikit model 106 Agrikit model 320 Agrikit model 520
Strawberry Strawberry
Strawberry Strawberry

In addition of increasing strawberry sweetness, Agrikit can also increase the tomato sweetness.
Fruits Sweetness

Actual Applications
Fruits Sweetness

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Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
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Landscape Pool
Aqua video
AQ-10 at Shrimp Farms

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