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AQ-10 Instruction Manual

Dear Customers:
Thank you for chosing AQ-10. For safety and correct usage of this product, please read through this manual before installation and operation. Thank you!

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01, In-feed Pipe: PVC pipe (DN63) to connect flexible water tube (2 1/2" or DN65), irrigation tube (DN65)
02, Out-feed Pipe: PVC pipe (DN63) to perforated flexible water tube (2 1/2" or DN65)
03, Sand Filter
04, Agrikit (Copper-ions generator)
05, Agrikit's filter
06, Flow Monitor
07, Aerator
08, Suction Electromagnetic Valve
09, Electrical Control Box (behind Agrikit04)
10, Blue Rotating Light (behind Agrikit04)

Installation Instructions
01, Place AQ-10 at suitable location beside pond/pool.
02, Disassemble In-feed Pipe 01, Out-feed Pipe 02, and add crystal sands into sand filter's chamber 03.
03, Assemble In-feed components including In-feed Pipe 01, flexible water tube (DN65) and sub-pumps.
04, Assemble Out-feed components including Out-feed Pipe 02, and perforated flexible tube.
05, Connect powerline to sub-pump (380V 3p, or 220V 1P) and electrical control box (220V, 1P).
06, Turn-on sub-pump, feeding water into AQ-10 to activate the aerator.
07, If water flow can not activate aerator, adjust flow monitor setting.
07, Adjust in-flow valve aand out-flow valve of aerator to improve micro-bubbles quantity.
08, Adjust the setting of Agrikit Model M086.
09, Blue rotating light is on to indicate the operation status.
10, Shut off. Re-start power, the AQ-20 will operate automatically.

End Nodes Connection in Electrical Control Box
1,2,3: powerline 220V, 1P (Positive, Negative, Ground)
4,5,6: Agrikit 220V, 1P (Positive, Negative, Ground)
6,7,8: Aerator 220V, 1P (Ground, Negative, Positive)
09,10: Suction Electromagnetic Valve DC24V
11,12: Flow Monitor (1/0)
13,14: Blue Ratating Light DC24V

Aerator Micro-Bubble Adjustments
Adjust in-flow valve to maintain gage pressure reading near zero.
Adjust out-flow valve to maintain gage pressure between 0.3-0.4 MPs.
Use fingure to hold the suction tube to remove all bubbles in clear plastic tube.
Remove fingure, so clear plastic tube starts showing micro-bubbles.
After adjusting in-flow and out-flow valves, next time re-start, it will adjust itself to generate micro-bubbles.

Agrikit Parameter Adjustment
The default setting is every 12 hours for 3-5 mins.
For changing the time. Turn off power, adjust timer accordingly.

Screen and Filter Replacement
The screen in 1st filter set will be washed and cleaned about every two weeks.
The filter in 2nd filter set will be replaced about every two weeks.
AgriKit AQ
AQ10 at Shrimp Farm

Actual Applications

Irrigation Water Management
Plants Suired For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
AQ Video
AQ-10 at Shrimp Farms

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