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AgriKit - A Tool for Farm Water Management

Standard Equipment
Infeed hose: rubber plus fabric hose ID= 5/8", L=15 meters, connecting to (Point 1)
Pressure-relief & filtering: pressure-relief valve & filter (Point 2)
Electrolyzer inlet: inlet of 1st electrolyzer (Point 3)
Electrolyzer outlet: outlet of 2nd electrolyzer (Point 4)
Out-feed shaft: rubber hose is used to connect out-feed shaft (Point 5)
Power Plug: power (220V/50Hz) plug, switch & fuse (Point 6)
Outfeed hose: rubber plus fabric hose ID=5/8", L=15 meters (Point 7)
Sprayer: adjustable spray head (Point 8)
Voltage dialer: Volt and current monitor, and adjustable voltage knob (Point 9)

Sprayer with bottle (right-hand photo)

Flow Rate
Flow rate: one ton/hr, about 16 L/min
Applied Area: 5-10 greenhouses operation

Instruction for Operation
 - (1) Connecting electricity to power plug and switching plug on
 - (2) Connecting water to in-feed hose
 - (3) Connecting out-feed water to drip-operation or spraying on plants directly.

 - This Cart converts 220V AC into 15V-20V DC
 - At normal operation, applying low voltage if feasible.
 - The electrolyzer inside the cart has been through continuous testing over 1200 hours.
 - If voltage keeps low (~15V) and daily operated is under 1.5 hours, this electrolyzer will have over 2 years life span.

AgriKit - A Tool for Farm Water Management
Irrigating water is the most amount of materials adding into crop field. AgriKit produces sufficient quantity of copper-based ionized water. Agrikit applies extra chemical energy directly into crops and soil, promoting plant growing, reducing plant disease, and reducing soil electrostatic in order to release more nutrients. Agrikit is a tool for farm water management.

It is 1st line of defense in irrigation water to eliminate pathogens and larva, decompose petro-chemicals and reduce heavy metals.
Through foliar feed to promote plant growing, reduce pathogens and parasites, decrease the use of pesticide and chemicals.
It is not recommanded to spray directly on flowers.
Loosing soil by reducing electrostatic, releasing more nutrients to save more fertilizer.

Copper-Based Ionized Water in Root Rot Preventive Measure
Root rot disease is due to poor drainage, causing fungi and mildew (Phytophora) to grow. It is a very common crop disease and it infactes plants indoor and outdoor. Plant has root rot problem will greatly reduce its ability to grow.

AgriKit provides a cost effective measure for problem-solving. It generates copper-based ionized water, which includes electrons, ionized particles, copper ions and small molecules water. Daily foliar feed can eliminate pathogens on plants, reduce fungi and mildew in soil. By reducing soil diseases, plant root can consistantly grow better to improve productivity. Root Rot Preventive Measure is part of farm water and soil management. It provides an effective solution without increasing the use of chemical pesticides.

Copper-based Ionized Water in Root Rot Preventive Measure
root rot -1 root rot -2 root rot -3 root rot -4 root rot -5
Alfalfa, Vege, Melon, Tomato Bean, Black Berry, Avocado, Pear Corn, Sugar Beet, Rapeseed Green Pea, Rapeseed, Barley, Wheat Trees

[Note]: AgriKit is a joint project between VitaBio and GETC.
Agrikit M106

Agrikit Cart Back

Agrikit Cart Front


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