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Plants Suited For Copper-Based Ionized Water

Copper normal concentration in plants is about 5-20 mg/kg. More is concentrated in young leaf, seed, and embryo, and less in stalk and old leaf. Seedling has highest amount of copper.
1, Many plants oxidases and some enzymes contain copper as activator. And they are actively involved in oxidation and reduction reactions. Therefore copper is closely related to the functions of plants respiration.
2, Copper is a blue pigment in chloroplast protein ingredients, and can be actively involved in photosynthesis.
3, Copper is also involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Copper deficiency plants will reduce protein and sugar synthesis.
4, Crops are sensitive to copper deficiency are barley, wheat, lettuce, onions, spinach, carrots, beets, oranges, sunflower, etc.

Plants suited For Copper-Based Ionized Water

almonds / apples / apricots / avocados

beans / barley / bananas

cabbage / caneberries / carrots / celery / cherries / citrus / cranberries / cucurbits / cacao

eggplant / filberts / grapes / hops


mangos / melons

olives / onion

peaches / peanuts / pears / peas / peppers / potatoes / pumpkins

spinach / strawberries / sugarbeets


walnuts / wheat


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