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Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction

Agrikit Infeed Water Management
Terminate bacteria and larva
Degrade harmful chemicals
Remove heavy metal ions

Agrikit Outfeed Water Management
Convert to Copper-Based Ionized Water into small molecules water, ionized particles, hydroxyl ions (OH), and copper ions.
Small molecules water and ionized particles can reduce chemical fertilizer use and also promote plants growing.
Hydroxyl ions (OH) and copper ions can reduce pesticide use and also reduce plants diseases.
Copper-Based Ionized Water can inhibit fungus and mold hidden in soil as well as on plants

Agrikit Operation
Step 1: Connect cable to power supply (220V/110V)
Step 2: Connect infeed water (16-18 liters/min)
Step 3: Outfeed water is sprayed through nozzle or through irrigation system

Agrikit M086, M106 General Operational Parameters

Common Operational Parameters
TDS Suggested
Current (I) Generated
Copper Ion
<100ppm 20V 1.5-2.5A 3-4ppm
100-200ppm 15V 2.5-3.5A 4-5ppm
>200ppm 10-15V 2.5-3.5A 5-8ppm
TDS = Total Dissolved Solids

Plant Diseases Control Parameters
Generated Copper Ions 15-20ppm for severe diseases control
see Copper Amount Limit in Soil.
Common plant pathology: blight, rot, fungus, mold diseases.

Special Attention
During flowering period, irrigating water directly into soil, not folier feed to avoid affecting pollens fertilization.

Agrikits have M086, M106, M320, M520 models.
Contact us for details.
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction

Actual Applications
Fruits Sweetness

Irrigation Water Management
Plants Suited For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
Aqua video
AQ-10 at Shrimp Farms


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