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Irrigation Water Management
It shows a practical way to inhibit plant diseases in organic farming.

Agrikit converts irrigation water into small molecules of water, ionized particles, hydroxyl ions (OH), and copper ions.
 - Small molecules of water and ionized particles can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer.
 - Hydroxyl ions (OH) and copper ions can reduce the need of pesticides.
 - Agrikit can disinfect many viruses, bacteria and larvae.
 - Agrikit can exterminate mildew and fungus.
 - Agrikit can remove extra metal ions.
 - Agrikit can degrade harmful chemicals.

Agrikit shows an effective irrigation water management that can improve organic farming efficiency through:
 - reducing mildew and fungus on crops;
 - inhibiting plants diseases;
 - reducing harmful chemicals and heavy metals;
 - enhancing crops yields.

Environmentally friendly
Cost effective
Easy to operate

Plants Suited For Copper Ions

Agrikits have M086, M106, M320, M520 models.
Contact us for details.

Irrigating Water Management

Actual Applications
Fruits Sweetness

Irrigation Water Management
Plants Suited For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
Aqua video
AQ-10 & AQ-20 at Shrimp Farms

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