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AgriKit for Agriculture

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Agrikit is a multi-functional farm tool for irrigation, landscape, aqua-farming and more.
Agrikit shows a practical way to inhibit plant diseases in organic farming.
Flow rates range from 1, 3, 5, 10 tons/hr.

Technology driven and Value creation
Agrikit can increase the sweetness of Strawberry. Photos are posted in Strawberry Practice.

Irrigation Water Management
 - Agrikit can disinfect many viruses and bacteria.
 - Agrikit can exterminate mildew and fungus in water as well as on the plants.
 - Agrikit can remove extra heavy metal ions and degrade harmful chemicals.

Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
 - Agrikit generates small molecules of water, ionized particles, hydroxyl ions, and copper ions.
 - Small molecules of water and ionized particles can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer.
 - Hydroxyl ions and copper ions can reduce the need of pesticides.
 - Agrikit improves overall organic farming efficiency.

 - AQ-10 & AQ-20, the integrated system combines filtering out solids, reducing pathogens, sterilizing mildews,
 - and adding sub-micron sizes air in an energy-saving fashion.
 - More details show in video.

Landscape Pool
 - AQ-10 can reduce molds, algae, larvae and dusts.
 - Prolong the need of water replacement.

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Actual Applications
Fruits Sweetness

Irrigation Water Management
Plants Suited For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
Aqua video
AQ-10 & AQ-20 at Shrimp Farms

Model M086 (CN)
Model M106 (CN)

Product Manual
Model M086 (CN)
Model M106 (CN)

AQ-10 Catalog (pdf)
AQ-10 Catalog in EN
AQ-10 Catalog in CH
AQ-10 Catalog in CN

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Single Flier
Irrigation Water Management (EN)
Farm Water Management (EN)

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