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Copper Amount Limit in Soil

Q: Agrikit generates copper-based ionized water. Could it be overdose in use?

Crop growing needs copper ions, especially in organic farming, because applying copper as pesticide is allowed. This refers to copper particles, copper sulfate or copper oxide. Agrikit generates copper-based ionized water. It contains small molecules water, ionized particles, hydroxyl ions (OH) and copper ions (Cu).

Small molecules water + ionized particles + fertilizer => improve the effects of fertilizer
Small molecules water + Hydroxyl ions + Copper ions => inhibit plant diseases

After spraying, copper ions in soil can be absorbed through plants roots. Calcium, magnesium and copper are essential minerals for crops. In general vegetables and fruits belong to the category of Plants Suited for Copper Ions.

According to soil expert report from the University of Pennsylvania (Copper Fact Sheet), copper usage in general, if using 2.25 kg/ha is absolutely safe. If reaching 5.6 kg/ha, it is required to check soil once every 5 years. If reaching 11.2 kg/ha, it is required to soil testing each year.
Note: Copper normal concentration in plants is about 5-20 mg/kg.

The current Agrikit design has two copper electrolyzes that weigh about 5 kg. their use are designed 2 years at least for 1 hectare. For common vegetables and fruits, even the copper electrolyzes in Agrikit are consumed within one year, there still is safe to apply Agrikit. Agriculture experts set high amount for copper consumption, the major reasons are:
(1) applying copper to replace chemical pesticides as alternative in common practice;
(2) copper is also used as mineral fertilizer.

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Copper Amount Limit in Soil
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