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AQ-10, the multi-functional aqua farming system

AQ-10 AQ-10 AQ-10 AQ-10

AQ-10 Five Advantages
Solids Filtration Bacteria Sterilization Algae Removal Oxygen Increase Energy Saving

Physically Removing Algae
No need of adding chemicals.
Copper ions inhibit mold & algae growing.
Backwash discharges mold & algae.

Introducing Micro Bubbles
Micro, sub-micro & nano bubbles increase the level of dissolved oxygen.

Automatic & Efficient
Automatic operation with blue light indicator
Periodical filtration to remove waste

Easy Operation & Maintainence
Selected 0.5-0.8 mm crystal sands & 6-way valve
Backwash water can be used for irrigation.

Agrikit AQ-10 improves water quality.
small molecules water --> absorbed easily
copper ions --> bacteria & mold inhibitor
hydroxyl ions --> disinfecting & decomposing
ionized particles --> becoming nutrients
micro bubbles --> increase dissolved oxygen

Benefits of micro bubbles & ionized particles
maintaining high level of dissolved oxygen
No need of adding chemicals
Reducing waste, ammonia-nitrogen & nitrite

Strong Bacteria Sterilization
AQ-10 generates copper ions to sterilize and inhibit bacteria, mold & algae.
Bacteria-killing can reach 99% including:
Aeruginosa, Cholera, mold, Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Polio virus, Hepatitis b virus, Legion bacteria, etc., and can achieve long-term sterilization.

AgriKit AQ
AQ20 Aqua-Water Quality

Actual Applications
Fruits Sweetness

AQ-10 (Flyer) Catalog in pdf
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AQ-10 Flyer Page2 jpg

Irrigation Water Management
Plants Suited For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
AQ Video
AQ-10 at Shrimp Farms

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VitaBio fish index

VitaBio shrimp index

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