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Heat Treating Emission Control

Air Emission Control from Heat Treating, Oil Quench and Tempering Furance.
The oily harmful gases and VOCs are mostly hydrophobic in the metal heat treating operation. The process equipment based on VitaBio Agrikit technologies can reduce smoke and odors, and meet new emission requirements.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatments

Wastewater generated from metal surface phosphating process.
The main pollutants include COD, BOD5, SS, ammonia nitrogen, petroleum, phosphate, anionic surfactant, zinc, iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, etc.. The contents in water are changed and complicated. The process equipment based on VitaBio Agrikit technologies can achieve low COD, low ammonia nitrogen, trace metals and phosphorus residues, to meet new regulationss (COD<50).

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Micronano Ozone Bubbles treatment System

Micronano ozone treatment system, micronano bubbles containing ozone + pure oxygen, can consistantly carry out the oil sludge decomposition, pesticide removal and disinfection. This treatment efficiency is better than the soil aeration method we used in the past.

Micronano Ozone Bubbles Odor Reduction System

Spraying water with micronano bubbles, bubbles filled with ozone and oxygen, doing odor reduction and cleaning, no chemical residuals.

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Agrikit in irrigation, feeding and farming

Micronano bubbles generator is used to improve oxygen content in soil.
Agrikit can generate electrolytic water and micronano air bubbles as for agriculture water quality management.
Agrikit is a practical way to inhibit plant disease in organic farming.
Other derived products include chickens drinking conrtol and aquaculture shrimp farming.

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VitaBio Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer is based on diversified soil-borne microorganisms.
Organic cultivation requires good quality fertilizers. In addition to the basic ingredients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the organic content need to be well fermented. To achieve this, it generally needs the help from organic fertilizer that is based on diversified soil-borne microorganisms.

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